NOTD: Chaos & Crocodiles and Urban Decay

I think today calls for some bright polish. Cause I said so. Good thing I have the perfect pairing. 

The main color I am wearing is Cupcake Ninja from Chaos & Crocodiles, with an accent of Strip from Urban Decay. Cupcake Ninja is a bright, eye searing neon pink. It's amazing. Then to top off the already amazingness there's a pop of silver shimmer in there as well. And I promise it really is noticeable in real life, once the pink quits searing your eyes. The brightness from the pink was also an issue for the camera as well. Seeing as there is this amazing silver shimmer in Cupcake Ninja it just made perfect sense to pair it with Strip, a pure silver foil. Strip is a vintage color from Urban Decay's old polish line that they quit making many years ago. For how old it is, it applied like butter. Alright, enough talk, let's jump into this awesomeness!

{Outdoors: full sun}

Brand: Chaos & Crocodiles and Urban Decay
Availability: Cupcake Ninja was a limited edition polish and is no longer sold; Strip is no longer made. Possible to find them on blog sales.
Coats: 2 coats Cupcake Ninja and 2 coats Strip


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