NOTD: Revlon Gwen's Crush

Ready for a picture heavy post? Because this is going to be very picture heavy. Let's just say that as I took photos of this polish, I was running in and out of the house trying to find the perfect lighting to show off the amazing multi-chrome. Cause it really is amazing. 

What polish am I talking about? A stunning Revlon polish that came out recently in their Electric Chrome Spiderman collection. I ended up picking up all 6 colors, because they were just that beautiful. Honestly, I think Revlon puts out some really unique colors and stays on top of the trends when it comes to polish. They are still one of my favorite drugstore brands to purchase from. 

Today I am sharing Gwen's Crush. It's a magenta that pulls hot pink in direct sunlight and has a purple shift to it that tends to pull blue in the sun. All in all this polish can pull reds, pinks, purples and blues depending on your lighting. I've tried to show it in as many light sources as I possibly can, because it really does change that much. 

{Outdoors: full sun}

{Outdoors: shade}

 {Indoors: natural light}

Brand: Revlon
Availability: No longer available, look for it on blog sales
Coats: 2 coats

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  1. So pretty! I love all of the hot pink polishes. All of them.


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