NOTD: Revlon and My Ten Friends

Oops, getting this bad boy posted a bit later than usual today, but it's a goodie if I do say so myself! Today shows another perfect combo. One of those that just had to happen.

We're heading back to visit the super amazing Electric Chrome Spiderman Collection from Revlon. This time though, I used 1000 Volts. Which I don't think got as much love as the others, but still felt it was a fabulous color. I paired it with Attack Ships on Fire, which is from My Ten Friends. I was actually lucky enough to win Attack Ships on Fire from a contest on her FB page. After I got it, I noticed how similar the shimmer was in both polishes and decided it was a must for a combo. Attack Ships on Fire is very much full of an amazing gold shimmer, which pretty much blends into the amazing gold shimmer 1000 Volts has. They just started mingling once on the nail. And while the duochrome color shift in 1000 Volts isn't as insane as some of the other colors in the collection, I still love it because it's unique. It pulls green and peach in certain lights and just sparkles like crazy.

{Outdoors: full sun}

{Outdoors: shade}

Brand: Revlon and My Ten Friends
Availability: 1000 Volts is discontinued but might be found on blog sales; Attack Ships on Fire is currently out of stock.
Coats: 2 coats of 1000 Volts; 2 coats Attack Ships on Fire over 1000 Volts


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