NOTD: Essie Starry Starry Nights

Let me start off this blog with an apology. An apology for probably making a VHTF lemming even more lemming worthy after todays post. My bad. I couldn't not share it with you all, it's just so beautiful.

What might that polish be you ask? The one and only Essie Starry Starry Nights (also seen without the s on the end of night). It's one of those polishes you just kind of sigh at because assumptions are made that you will never own it. So you live vicariously through the swatches of it. Then one day a friend lets you know that there is a half used bottle on the market that isn't a totally wallet killing price and suddenly you're scrambling to buy it. Because as much as a newer bottle would be amazing, it probably won't happen.

So now I have a half full bottle of Starry Starry Nights in my collection and I just adore it. Yes, it is a simple polish, but there is just something so perfect about it. The dark blue jelly is just the perfect blue. The silver micro glitter is perfectly suspended and picks up a blueish hue from the jelly base. Could anyone have made it? Yes, but Essie did it and did it perfectly. For how used the bottle was, it did need some thinner added to it, but other than that it was perfect. It applied like a dream and only took 2 coats to get it to what you see in the photos bellow. This polish very much deserves the love and praise that it receives. It truly is a night sky on your nails. 

{Outdoors: full sun}

 {Outdoors: shade}

Brand: Essie
Availability: Discontinued and very hard to find, can be very occasionally found on blog sale or eBay for well into the triple digits.
Coats: 2 coats

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  1. Don't shoot me, okay, but...

    I don't love it. I like it, it's pretty, but it's nothing special to me. I'm also not really a blue person so that could make a difference.


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