Nail Mail: Vintage Sally Hansen Nail Prisms

Something a little new on the blog today. No swatches, but instead an awesome share of nail mail! You'll see these pop up once and awhile on here. My collection is ever growing and I thought it might be fun to show what is being added. 

Yesterday three beauties came home to me. These are Nail Prism polishes from Sally Hansen. Sadly they have been long discontinued, but if you can get your hands on any I totally recommend it. Sally Hansen was well ahead of the curve when it came to holos and duo/multi chromes. Both of which showed up in the Nail Prism collection. There are at least 40+ colors that were in this collection with a few of the shades even having 2-3 color variations. Along with that there were some special colors released in Canada and the UK, of which, some were totally new and others were colors already released in the US but with different names. So yeah, there's a lot you can learn about these polishes. To me though, all that matters is that they are beautiful. I adore them. They are one of vintage polishes that I collect and snap up whenever I find one I don't have. Must own all of the Nail Prism polishes!

Just for reference in the pictures, from left to right the colors are: Garnet Lapis, Burgundy Orchid and Scarlet Ruby. 

{Indoor: natural light}

{Outdoor: partial shade}

 {Outdoor: full sun}

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