Kicking off this blog...again

Welcome! You have stumbled upon the reintroduction of my nail polish blog! So glad to have you here!

So what's all this blog stuff about? Well, I had always wanted to have a blog that ran in conjunction with our nail polish brand, Emerald & Ash. A place to share our polishes and the on-goings of our brand. Except that didn't pan out. Business took off and the blog just sat and waited. Recently though, the desire to blog was reignited. And so here we are, revamped blog and all. This time around, though, the blog will be more about my personal stash of polish along with intermittent posts about our brand. The Stash is much more focused on my over-all love of all things polish. Which is a very vast, expansive love.

Since this is the reintroduction post for this blog, why not take a moment to get to know me and my polish? All in the form of a list...cause maybe I like doing that.

~ I've been enjoying nail polish all of my life, but my renewed interest in polish really happened in 2009.
~ The collection that launched me back into my love of nail polish was the OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection.
~ The single nail polish that catapulted me into crazy polish lady status was Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (the original). I searched for it across the country as we moved to Ohio.
~ The first indie brand that I bought from was Lynnderella, all the way back when she was still selling for small windows of time on her blog. Nine polishes later I was addicted to indies.
~ I started tinkering with the idea of making nail polish around 2011.
~ I started frankening polish in 2011/2012 to test the waters.
~ Making my own polishes didn't start until the mid part of 2012. We were moving back across the country to Colorado and I didn't want to buy the supplies only to have to move them.
~ While living in Ohio my collection grew from 20-30 polishes to over 500.
~ Nate is the actual reason I started making polish. I was in full self doubt mode when we got to Colorado and he went and bought supplies for me to start.
~ By the time we got settled into our new house in Colorado my collection of 500 polishes had grown to about 1,000.
~ Emerald & Ash officially launched March of 2013 after a year of testing, tinkering and designing.
~ September 2013 was the launch of our widely popular cuticle oil.
~ 2013 saw my personal collection grow to over 2,000 polishes.
~ March 2014 was our one year anniversary of Emerald & Ash's shop opening.
~ September 2014 my collection officially hit over 3,000 polishes.
~ I enjoy all polishes and my collection ranges from salon to indies to high end and back again.

There's a little bit about me, at least when it comes to polish. This blog will be swatches of polishes I have purchased myself (or that have been gifted to me), polishes I make, polish hauls and anything else polish related that tickles my fancy. You may also noticed that a lot of my polishes are either discontinued, limited edition and/or HTF. I love collection older brands of polish like OPI black label and Sally Hansen holos. Along with that I collect a lot of indie polishes, which get discontinued frequently to bring out new polishes. I'll try to keep the text for each post to a minimum so you can enjoy the pretty swatches. Though at the bottom you will notice that I have a list of information about the polish. I will use this to link to the brand (if possible) as well as letting you know the availability and coats used for the polish.

And to wrap this up, it wouldn't be right to talk about my polish collection without sharing some photos...

All 3,000+ little pretties happily live in all of those drawers, with room to grow. There always needs to be room to grow. Curious about my collection? Here's a link to my Google doc. If you ever need to find it again, it is also located in the drop down at the top labeled "The Stash".

Anywho, if you've made it this far, thank you. I'm glad to have you here. If you ever have any questions, let me know and I will happily do my best to answer them! Posts about polish officially start tomorrow!


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