NOTD: OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where?

Popping in with a quick post with a simple OPI mani I wore earlier this year. 

Red Lights Ahead...Where? is a color I always liked on other people but never picked up myself. Red is one of those colors that I really enjoy, but never seem to reach for to wear. I have no idea what the hang up in my head is, but I have one. So odd. But when I found this bottle on sale I grabbed it up. It was originally a part of their Spring 2012 Holland collection. I wore it on a snowy day and it still looked bright and brilliant, even when seeing it in the cloudy snow covered outdoors. It's a very orange leaning red, it almost feels neon in a way.

There are bubbles in the polish, but that's due to my top coat disliking me going from the warmth of the house to the cold of the outdoors to take the photo. 

{Outdoors: snowy cloud cover}

Brand: OPI 
Availability: Can be found on Amazon
Coats: 3 coats


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