NOTD: Keeping an eye on things

What's this!? A blog post!?

Clearly I was not meant to run a blog while trying to get my nail polish line up and running. So this little space of earth fell off to the side. The deep dark side that no one wants to go to cause who knows what's down there. Lucky for all few of you that read this, I got an itch to post. I blame this on being obnoxious and wanting everyone to see my simple, but awesome Halloween manicure.

I went super simple and pulled out Zoya "Raven", which is a great black with a subtitle silver shimmer. This was one of my first colors from Zoya that I ever owned. It goes on beautifully in two coats and flickers its shimmer in the sun. To make it more fun and Halloween-y I added some goggly eyes to both of my ring fingers. I have been obsessed with goggly eyes ever since I made our googly eye wreath last month.  I want them on everything. So this mani had to happen. And now, when I shake my nails it sounds like I have little maracas on them.

I am easily entertained.

Hope you all have a wonderfully spooooooky Halloween! I hope to be back soon with more polish!


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