A new nail blog is born!

Hello and welcome to my new blog that is all about nails! I figured it was time to take my love of all things nail and give it a proper home. Here you will find nail of the day photos, wish list and drool worthy polishes and handmade polishes by yours truly.

Who am I you may ask? Well, I'm Ashley and I have been blogging over at The Thing About Daisies for the past few years. I, of course, love nail polish, both collecting it and wearing it. But that's probably to be expected if I am creating a nail polish blog. I also love all things home decor, fashion, beauty, cooking, DIY and crafting. Which is what I share on my other blog. I am married and have two dogs. My husband and dogs are my life and bring me so much joy and happiness. They also put up with my craziness and collecting of various things. I am crazy random, love sharing facts, making inappropriate jokes, signing and dancing when no one is watching (and sometimes when people are watching), my thought process is sporadic, I love sending gifts to people and love all things shiny and glittery.

My love of nail polish really started taking hold about 4-ish years ago. There were some OPI collections that really caught my eye and I had to hunt to find them in my town. That hunting became a thrill for me. I found myself stalking blogs trying to find out about new collections and would then would go search for them. After I went on my crazy hunt for Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure, I was hooked. At that point my collection started to grow...and grow...and grow...and grow. You get the idea. I am now pretty much at 900 polishes in my collection. That does not include backups, base/top coats and treatments.

On top of that I have also started hand mixing my own polishes. It's given me another great creative outlet and has let me create polishes that I dreamed up in my head, but that I never saw in the market. It's been fun and trying all at the same time. A lot of bad polishes have been made, but on the flip side some really amazing ones that I am beyond proud of have been created as well.

So welcome! I'm so glad to have you here. I look forward to expanding and growing with you. With this blog being so new, there will be a lot of tweaks and changes. But I just couldn't wait to really get started!

And to wet your whistle a little here is my stash list. If there is something you'd love to see swatched, let me know!


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