NOTD: Essie Coat Couture

Hello! Long time no post. The end of 2014 was quite a busy time in our household. Couple that with nails that were revolting and needing to be nubbed multiple times in two months, polish just wasn't happening. 

But this weekend I finally sat down and painted my nails. To pull me out of the land of naked nails I went with a new polish from Essie's Cashmere Mattes collection. Let's just take a second to talk about mattes and how much I love them. Yes the formula can be tricky and you have to move fast in application. Yes they only last for a day or two. But man I just love how they look. Bonus points go to those that make unique mattes. So it's easy to say that some of the Cashmere Mattes are a win for me. Looking all hot with their matteness and shimmer. The one that I bought this weekend was Coat Couture. Which I'd place as a grey leaning purple matte that has a green/aqua shimmer. I find that in low light that the shimmer pulls green, while in the sun it pulls more aqua. I wouldn't call it a true flat matte, as it has a bit of softness to it. Not a wax or a satin per-se, but still not that absolute matte. looks awesome top coated as well. Which you will notice I did on my ring finger. If you like mattes and pretty shimmer combos I'd say these are totally worth it. I actually went back out last night to pick up to more of the colors in the collection. I'm that in love with them. 


{Outdoors: full sun}

Brand: Essie
Availability: Target, Walgreens & Essie website
Coats: 2 coats

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  1. I'm not typically a matte fan, but these are really pretty, especially top-coated! I might have to pick a few up.


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