NOTD: Urban Decay Bang

Today's NOTD is brought to you by the letter N, for Nate. Because when asked what color to wear Nate chose orange. So orange it is!

I rummaged through my collection and decided to give one of the newer Urban Decay polishes a go. I say newer, because back in the day they used to make some kick ass polishes that were unique and fun. Then they revamped the brand lineup in the early 2000's and dropped the polish line. Around the summer of 2013 they brought back polish for a bit (they did do mini bottle collections once and awhile before that). Usually releasing them as a duo of polish colors, with the last duo being a blue and orange combo. That orange, called Bang, is what I decided to give a try. Bang is a true orange that leans a touch more red that has a slight touch of blue shimmer that really only makes itself known in certain lights. 
The color is also darker on the nail than it shows in the bottle. The formula was a bit on the watery side, so I had to adjust my application so that I didn't flood my nails and cuticles. The brush is also a bit skinny, but not awful to work with. Seeing as the free edges of my nails are so white, there are visible nail lines that show through the color. It wasn't awful after 3 coats, but I could still see it in certain lighting. That said, while I'm not insanely smitten with the polish overall, it's not the worst thing I own. It is workable. And honestly there's not enough orange polish love.


{Outdoors: full sun}

Brand: Urban Decay
Availability: On sale @ Urban Decay for $5 or look for blog sales
Coats: 3 coats


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