New polish preview: PFUDOR

Are you ready for photo overload!? I hope you're ready because it's time to share swatches of Emerald & Ash's new PFUDOR Duo!

This is a duo that is a long time in the making. Nate and I had been sitting on the idea for awhile and started teasing about it months ago. The pink part of the duo, though, had other ideas. Nothing was working. The pinks that were created just weren't playing nice. So the holo topper sat alone, waiting. Then the perfect pink happened and now we have a duo that is finally allowed to see the world. 

Onto the info about the polish. 

First is the pink or PFU. This is a blue leaning bubblegum pink metallic foil. Now when I say foil, I mean that it is filled with a large particle chrome pigment that is used in a lot of foil finish polishes. For those that own it, PFU has a similar finish to Water Bay, our blue polish from our recent summer collection. On top of that there are micro glass flecks in various pink colors floating around in it, along with a bright pink shimmer that shows itself best in low lights. The color and feel of the metallic foil finish does change and shift depending on the light source.

DOR also known as the holo top coat is just that, a holo top coat. It's a scattered holo that has the added bonus of glass flakies that also shimmer in a rainbow color. They are like an added bonus of happiness, especially if you are in a lower light source. DOR can easily be worn over the top of PFU or any polish for that matter. For the photos below I topped it over Illamasqua Loella. I did this so that I could show off the holo and flakies better in the photos. While DOR looks awesome on top of and adds more shine and shimmer to PFU, my camera did not agree and made it hard to capture how DOR really looks. Thus the different polish used as a base color.

Also, I apologize for any of the bubble looking spots closer to my cuticles. It was a whopping 2 degrees with a wind chill sitting at around -18 out yesterday. My polish wasn't 100% dry and the switch between a warm house to freezing parts of my body off made for less than happy polish.
That being said, here are the pictures. All of them. Lots of them. Tons of them. I couldn't stop. 

{Outdoor: full sun}

 {Outdoor: shade}

 {Indoor: natural light from a window}

Brand: Emerald & Ash
Availability: Shooting for this weekend, Monday November 17th at the latest
Coats: 3 thin coats PFU, 1 heavier coat DOR over 2 coats Illamasqua Loella

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