Polish storage of a different kind

It has indeed been quiet around here, but for good reason. We've been busting our humps getting new things ready for release over at Emerald & Ash. Along with that it's be a mighty cold week already and clouds have settled in, even producing some snow. Which I love. But cloud cover makes it hard to get outdoor photos.

So instead, today I am sharing with you a quick post about a new storage box I acquired a few weeks ago. This is a portable box with an attached lid. This isn't something that I keep a specific brand or color in, instead it holds my recently purchased polish. My nail polish lair is actually in the basement, so when I get a new polish or twelve they actually hang out on our main floor till they get cataloged. Sometimes they live upstairs for a long while. Collecting. Taking over. Normally when this happens they get put into the nearest box to keep them together. Said box is usually cardboard and from wherever our latest online order is from. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's not the prettiest to look at especially if we have company over. Thus why said box was bought. It allows me to store my new polishes, in a pretty manor, till I can get them downstairs into their corresponding drawers.

I found this specific box at TJ Maxx/Home Goods for a whopping $7. Sometimes the simplest fixes make me the happiest and this is one of those fixes. I will be back soon with actual swatches, as long as the sun plays nice!


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