NOTD: Kiko 502 (Pearly Pink Mexican)

While I totally want to talk about how this is the FIRST manicure I have done since being in Germany, because jet lag is kicking my ass. I just can't. Not when the color name is so oddly hilarious that I just can't stop shaking my head over it.

Kiko doesn't actually list names on the the bottle, instead just giving it a color number designation. Instead you have to go on to their site (not the US one mind you) to match up the number to the name. So now you can picture my utter baffled delight when I saw that this pink stunner was named Pearly Pink Mexican.

I just...what does that even mean!?

I did find that most of the jelly/glass flecked polishes started with "Pearly *color* *another word*". But Mexican? Where did that even come from!?

Okay I should probably move on.

As I said above this Kiko was officially my first mani since getting here. Let's just say when you can pass out standing up, due to jet lag, that nail painting just isn't happening.

So after a recent prompt of "wear an untried pink polish" in a nail group that I'm in, I grabbed this Kiko. Pearly Pink Mexican. Or PPM for short.

PPM is a jelly based glass fleck. Think of all of those glorious Zoya colors if you need a visual. It is a bright, hot pink with some magenta undertones. It applied beautifully and went on in two easy coats. Though I did three coats on some fingers due to my nails being super long, which is causing a wicked visible nail line on pretty much everything I've been wearing. Oh and it is a bitch to photograph. This polish truly does range from a hot pink to magenta depending on the light. Right now, typing this, it is magenta. Outside in full sun it is a bright, blinding hot pink. 

{Outdoor: partially cloudy}

Brand: Kiko
Availability: Throughout Europe, both online and storefront. Small smattering of US storefronts up and down east coats. 

Coats: 2-3, with 3rd coat to hide my very white VNL. 


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